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Fun and Educational Crafts With Recycled Materials For Kids

No matter if you’re celebrating Earth Day or just want something creative to do with the kids on a rainy afternoon, these recycled crafts are sure to please!

Recycling is an excellent way to conserve resources and instill in kids the value of being eco-friendly. There are numerous fun and educational projects you can construct using materials such as cardboard, paper, tin cans, bottle caps, and more.

Popular projects include cars, trains, airplanes, robots, toys and more – and the best part is they don’t cost much to make! Plus you can use items around your house that already exist!

Upcycling is an excellent way to educate children on the value of reusing and upcycling old items. You can recycle magazines, tin cans, egg cartons, and more to create unique yet beautiful new items!

Create a necklace out of aluminum beverage pop tops! Or, turn a brown paper bag into an eco-canvas for artwork!

Make a fun game out of bottle caps by having your students arrange the caps in an order to create a bird image, then they can decorate it with vibrant colors.

These upcycled bird crafts are perfect for spring, Easter or lessons about animals and their babies. It’s a simple yet engaging activity the whole family will enjoy.

Crafting with recycled materials is an engaging way for children to learn about the environment and ignite their creativity! They can design games, organizers, and more while understanding how recycling benefits our planet!

These recycled art ideas are all easy to complete and will have your kids busy scribbling, painting, and crafting for hours! Some require more time-consuming steps that require creativity; but rest assured: it will all be worth the effort!

Paper tube sculptures are an excellent project for kids to showcase their artistic abilities. Since you don’t need many supplies, kids can craft these intricate works into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Creating sculptures with your students can be a wonderful way to foster their appreciation of art while stimulating social interaction among classmates and allowing them to build on each other’s work.

Cardboard Sculptures are an engaging art project that utilizes recycled materials and encourages creativity. These paper creations can be jumbled in various ways before being shaped to create a completely unique artwork every single time.

Photo Mats are an excellent way to create vibrant and unique artwork that you can display in your classroom or home. Not only that, they’re easy to complete – adding a fun twist to a standard photo frame!

Utilizing Old Clothing
If you have any old, faded, or stained clothing lying around that’s taking up space, why not turn it into a fun tote! This craft is an excellent opportunity to teach your students about the value of reusing and upcycling items – plus they can use their totes as storage for their own belongings!

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